"Maybe life is like the TARDIS, it doesn't always take you where you want to go, but instead where you need to be."

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Every year at Comic Con I play a little game with the folks called ‘Geeks and Posers.’
Okay. Definitely I’m a poser, hands up.

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When a fic is so good you have to take a break in order to roll around on your bed and flail your limbs everywhere

This actually happens

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You know what I just realized? I adore living vicariously through others. That’s why I’ve immersed myself in the worlds of the characters I love since I was a young child. It’s why I need Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Hogwarts, Sherlock and John in 221B Baker Street, and The Doctor and his companions in the Tardis. They do all the things I could only dream of. They follow and accomplish their dreams. Some day I wish to follow in their footsteps. Until then, I’ll watch Benedict, Martin, Matt, David and many others do it for me.

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My dad just came into my room and shouted at me in Klingon.

Am I more embarrassed that he did that or that I know he said I was a disappointment to the empire?

You should be most embarrassed that you’re a disappointment to the empire.

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the gifs sync up almost perfectly holy shit

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"trying to stay on topic" "not possible with me"

ben.. we know…….

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I like new friends because I can reuse old jokes

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I thought this was going to be educational…. it was

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Moffat to Gatiss probably

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Benedict Cumberbatch attends “The Penguins of Madagascar” press line on Day 1 of Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 24, 2014, in San Diego[HQ]

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Cameraman: “oh he’s so pretty” 

Cameraman: *zooms in*

Cameraman: “so so pretty. wait…this is live”

Cameraman: *quickly changes camera shot*

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